Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Spirituality life in Stella Maris is not only appear on the school building, but also implement on our daily life such as :

  1. Morning DevotionThe First Fifteen minutes of each day is set aside for short devotional, will be used for prayer, sharing valuable life experiences or motivating for learning

     2.  Angelus Pray at 12 pm everyday in the chapel

     3.  First Friday Holy Mass and Ash Wednesday

     4.  Confession during Advent and Pre Easter periods

     5.  First communion preparation

     6.  School Year Beginning and School Year End Holy Mass

     7.  Pastoral Care or Counseling


Sometimes issues or problems that may need some extra attention come up. You have some struggles that can be personal issues or academic concerns, you may be referred to see Pastoral Care to be prayed and strengthened.



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