Welcome to Stella Maris International Education!

Founded in 1995 based on a simple noble dream of a mother who wanted to realize her late husband’s dream to establish a school dedicated to their foster children in Padang Gembala Orphanage which established in 1988 by Drg. Strela and husband.

Stella Maris School with national curriculum standard and Stella Maris International School with international curriculum standard; adopting the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, Montessori Method and Cambridge Curriculum. One of our excellent programs is the Platinum Generation Program that involves not only teachers and students in a learning process, but also parents as supporter of children’s future. In the Platinum Generation Program there are 3 elements that support their children’s development in the learning process such as smart, global and entrepreneur. These 3 elements are instilled in our students as their guide to face the future, because the best time for developing children’s character begins at the early childhood. Through the right and consistent character building on children’s development we believe that they will grow up as a people who are tough, independent, responsible, creative, yet uphold the moral and ethic values as Indonesian citizens who think globally. Students are also accompanied by teachers who are competent in their fields as well as teaching with love so it makes students comfortable with the learning process.

By the abundant grace of God, Stella Maris International Education remains growing and developing; and we would like to contribute more in the education field to create the nation’s generation who are ready to bring Indonesia to the whole world. Within the opening branches in some location in Jambi, Cikupa, Pontianak and some other cities, we do hope that Stella Maris can keep on giving the best in education for the nation.

And as an education institution, it’s an honor for us to be able to share some information about education that is useful for people; from the school activities, school news update, education articles, the various interesting events we present and many more. Hopefully all the given information can be benefit so that we can grow together as one.


Warm Regards,

Ir. Michel Senjaya

Director of Stella Maris International Education


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