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About Us

About Us

Everything that happens in this world started with a small and simple thing. And from that simple thing, great things await. This is where dreams are made and have an impact for people.



The grandeur of Stella Maris’ building at this time could not be separated from the story of ups and downs in the struggle of a single founding era. It is all beginning with a sense of social awareness on neglected children who have no parents and adequate houses, touched a 45 year mother to establish an orphanage located in Central Jakarta named Panti Asuhan Padang Gembala. This orphanage was established in 1988 by Drg. Strela and it has a noble purpose to provide a decent home for them. She assumed that every human being has the same opportunity to enjoy life. In a very short time, children who God entrusted into the care of Drg. Strela had increased quite fast. Drg. Strela and husband thought that the children should get a good education for their own future. Before her husband passed away, he had a dream to build a school for the foster children. Thus, the desire to give the best education for foster children had finally turned her noble aspiration to establish a school dedicated to her foster children.



To make dreams come true is not as easy as turning out the palm of the hand. The difficulty of finding the right location to establish a school was one of the considerations to be well-thought of. On May 15, 1995 by the grace of Almighty God for the first time Stella Maris School was established, consisting of Playgroup, Kindergarten and Elementary level located in two shop-houses at Sector XIV, BSD, Tangerang. Drg. Strela gathered all her efforts to introduce the school to the society and all of her perserverance in establishing the school had paid off by the positive responses of the surrounding community of the school. Many parents had entrusted their children to get education from school. Contemplating the future of education, 2 years after the school was established, exactly in 1997, Junior High Level opened at the same location. And in the same year Stella Maris School had answered the educational needs of the community by setting up a branch of its first Kindergarten level in Gading Serpong. By the advanced development of education, Drg. Strela passed the baton of the success of Stella Maris School to her two sons who were ready to continue her struggle in developing the school.



Along with the increasing number of students and to provide the best services for them, Stella Maris School came up with a new and better building and facilities at the end of 2001/2002 academic year located at Artha Kencana Street, Kav. C1, Sektor XII, BSD known as Bukit Sion Campus, Alfa & Omega Building. And at the same year together with the new school building, a Senior High level was added into the Stella Maris School Curriculum Program.

By the year of 2004, the ISO 9001-2000 Certificate for Quality Management System was awarded to Stella Maris School for its best education system. By the reward given, Stella Maris encouraged more to give the best for the nation. As an education institution, the existence of Stella Maris School is to respond to the need for the best education for the future generation to face global challenges, and therefore the school has been responding the global standards of education by establishing international curriculum. The school adopted the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and it was first launched in 2005 located at Omega Building, Stella Maris School, BSD. IB Diploma Programme is a two-year educational programme (ages 16-19) that provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education and it’s recognised by universities worldwide. Two years later in 2007, Stella Maris International School (SMIS) built a new building located in Vatican Cluster, Sector 8 A, Gading Serpong and in the same year other levels such as Preschool, Primary and Secondary opened with the adoption of the Montessori Method and Cambridge curriculum. In order to provide high quality graduates, Stella Maris School and Stella Maris International School came up with an Entrepreneurship Program as an additional curriculum for students at all levels from Preschool to Senior High School/IB Diploma Programme. This program aims to develop students’ entrepreneurial skills since the early ages. Entrepreneurship itself is not only about teaching students to sell a product, but more about developing the character of an entrepreneur that is confident, brave, responsible, creative and being able to find solutions in any situation. This character building also becomes one of our concerns to prepare better generations that are ready for global challenges.



By a great desire of Stella Maris to take part in education for the sake of the nation, thus Stella Maris came up with an idea to open branches with both national plus curriculum and international curriculum standards in some places throughout Indonesia with investors who have the same passion and vision in education. 2009 became the first year for Stella Maris had finally open a branch in Pantai Indah Kapuk using the Preschool level-international curriculum standards. In 2011 Stella Maris opened the second branch in Jambi with Preschool/Kindergarten to Junior High School level with a national plus curriculum standards. Which will immediately be followed by the third branch in Yogyakarta in 2013. Stella Maris believes that it will not stop until there, we have bigger dreams to provide the best education all over Indonesia.

We as one Stella Maris big family would like to say our biggest gratitude to God our Father in Heaven by giving much blessings to this school and giving us faith to be blessing for others. We also would like to thank our students, parents, teachers/staff and also all partners in education who have been entrusting Stella Maris School as a place for your education & place to work. And here we are, where we stand and work for God, for the nation and people.

Stella Maris, The School of Future Entrepreneurs!


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