The Preschool Programme has variety activities for students to enhance their knowledge and confidence through Creative Curriculum such as Goal Setting Conference, Student Learning Presentation, Entrepreneur Day, Multi-Cultural Celebration, etc.

Besides children activities, we also have parenting and tutoring learning for parents and nanny in child guiding such as Parents as Learner (PAL’s) and Care taker as Learner (CAL’s).

The multicultural ambience is also presented in Preschool Programme through World’s Countries theme to introduce the students with the diversity of cultures as parts of nation.  



The idea behind the Stella Maris Preschool Theme is to provide the opportunity for students to learn about the self, other cultures, and think globally so they will be aware that they are a part of the world. Focusing on Themes gives teachers the ability to link different disciplines, so that students will develop big and important ideas.

The Preschool of Stella Maris International School views children’s development based on four areas: Social Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development, and Language Development.

Students gain knowledge through a learning system that gives students the opportunity to observe things that will answer their question. It also provides the student with the skill to take care of their selves in daily practical life.

At the end of the learning process in Stella Maris International Preschool, we expect the students to have profiles and the basic characters that will be needed as future entrepreneurs.


The Programme:

  • My First Step (1-2 years old)

  • Toddler (2-3 years old)

  • Nursery (3-4 years old)

  • Kindergarten 1 (4-5 years old)

  • Kindergarten 2 (5 years old)


Empowering Class Programme (ECP)

  • English Club

  • Mandarin Club

  • Tae Kwon Do

  • Choir Club

  • Drawing Club

  • Science & Art Discovery



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