Summer Program

Summer Program

Summer Program

Summer break is going to be awesome this year—only at Stella Maris Learning Centre!

Exciting things are happening here from June and December 2015*. Don’t miss out the excitement and fun of our Summer programs across the weeks of summer break. Each week will feature one amazing summer camp theme, such as:

  • Cooking : Cooking is fun–and even more fun when done with friends to create your own lasagna and pizza! (For Preschool and Primary)
  • Create your own game and be the master of Animation Video: Boring with the games at your gadget and PC? Let’s create your own Little Indian Escape game (For Primary 4-6 and Secondary). Besides that, we can create animation by combine the photos into video (For Primary 1-3)
  • Design the Anime Character: Addict with Japan Cartoons? Let’s try to draw your own anime character and create your own comic (for Primary 1 to 6)
  • English Nature Adventure: Learning english with fun and explore our natural world, from plants, trees, and sky. Find out what our planet gives us and how we care for it. (For Preschool and Primary 1 to 3)

Other programs themes may include learning about science, technology, math, performing arts, and culinary arts. Plus, healthy snacks, educational experiences, and fun-filled summer!

Does your child have other siblings not currently enrolled at our school? No problem. All children from Preschool to Secondary can join the Summer Program. Reserve your child’s spot for Summer Program today by contacting our SMLC staff (Ms. Ning) at  0821 4436 1166 or (021) 542 12999 ext 322.

  • For                      : Preschool,  Primary and Secondary Students
  • Duration              : 3 hour
  • Schedule            : June and Desember


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