Course Program

Course Program

Course Program

  1. English: Powered by Smarty Ants Reading World is a 2D virtual world created to help students learn to read and become good readers in English. Interactive program to learn English that provide comprehensive instruction and learning by using: Phonological awareness, Phonics, Comprehension of the text, Fluency, Vocabulary development, Print concepts, and writing (Age: 4 to 11 years old)
  2. Robotics and Art Factory : Powered by DigiKidz. Give a chance for your child to further development and use critical thinking that provide the combination learning of Robot + (Age 6 to 17 years old). The qualified teacher which are excellent in their subject will give your child the best learning experience.
  3. Bimbingan Belajar (Bimbel) : Powered by Blessing Kids ( New St. Uriel Bimbel) focus on Math, Science, and English. Build the joy of the students in taking their responsibilities of school duty. That is the mission of Blessing Kids. Their experience in teaching Stella Maris students will help your child to achieve their best and excellence in school. We prepare the children to be the excellent on the examination (Age 6 to 17 years old)
  4. Mandarin Course: in Mandarin course we prepare the children to be the excellent on the examination (Age 6 to 17 years old)
  5. Math : Powered by Shinkenjuku, using method from Japan. We created to help students develop their thinking ability, specially on math, only for primary.
  6. Holiday Program : Depend on holiday in Stella Maris, we create special program to fill students holiday time.



Reserve your child’s spot for Course Program today by contacting our SMLC staff

SMLC Gading Serpong :  - 

SMLC : 0895605151613

MS. LASRI : 0878-8264-4572

Ms. NING : 0821-4436-1166  

(021) 542 12999 ext 322./6081

SMLC BSD : Ms. Wuri : 0857-27248442 - (021) 7 566 566  Ext - 270




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