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About Us

Stella Maris has more than 25 years of experienced in the world of education and will remain to commit to prepare the nation’s generation completely through the Platinum Generation Program. Stella Maris appreciates and guides each child’s talent both in the academic and non-academic to become unique and superior people.


“Excellence in nurturing lifelong learners with entrepreneur characters based on Christian Values”


To encourage students to apply ethical, moral, and family values in spirit of international awareness to be a responsible global citizen based on Christian values.

To build a community nurturing the development of lifelong learners with entrepreneur characters.



KB/TK (Preschool – Kindergarten)

KB / TK KB Stella Maris School BSD students have an independent character, respect for others, curiosity, and care, which is instilled through habituation in each activity, including outing, extracurricular, cooking, art and entrepreneurship.

Develop academic and non-academic abilities in accordance with the age and talents of students while still paying attention to the psychological side

SD (Primary Level)

Promoting character planting in accordance with Stella Maris’s vision “Becoming the Leading Primary School in Cultivating Characters Based on Christian Faith”

The big vision is implemented through unique programs such as:

KPS (Student Assistance Activities) as an effort to instill character to students.

PDS (Pioneering Student Dynamics) is a form of leadership training for students from an early age.

BCS (Be Confidence Student) fosters students’ courage in presenting student learning outcomes within a certain period.

Entrepreneurship encourages students to have entrepreneurial attitudes.

Stema Fest as an arena for academic competition and student talent

Stema Fest sebagai ajang kompetisi akademik dan  talenta siswa


Directing education to develop learning traditions, building positive images and personalities and oral and written communication skills.

Various extracurricular activities that support the teaching and learning process: futsal, basketball, table tennis, badminton, choir, painting, traditional dance, karate, and computers.


  • Learning in high school emphasizes:
  • Development of interests and talents to prepare students for the future.
  • Development of scientific and innovative ways of thinking.
  • Holistic education development.
  • Development of students into the future of entrepreneurs.

Supported by very varied extracurricular activities, including: futsal, badminton, regional dance, computer, basketball, karate, beauty class, cinematography and scouting

Club activities that support students include: modern dance, science, math, entrepreneurship, music, volleyball, English and Japanese.

Character development activities, such as character camps, live ins, internships, and retreats, become excellent programs in high school


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