About Stella Maris Cikupa

January 3, 2017 became a historic moment where Stella Maris School again expanded its wings in the world of education to play an active role in providing quality education to the wider community. After previously in 2009 Stella Maris School opened a branch in Jambi, now we have been present in Cikupa to provide educational services and create quality graduates in accordance with Stella Maris’s vision of “To be the best school in Indonesia that prepares high quality of graduates based on Christian values “. With the inauguration of the Cikupa Stella Maris School, this indicates that we have officially operated and accepted the registration of new students in the 2017-2018 Academic Year. The inauguration of the Cikupa Stella Maris School was attended by heads of units / divisions from both academic and management units as well as Mr. Michel Senjaya as Director and Mr. Pierre Senjaya as Deputy Director of SMIE.

Vision, Mission & Value


“Excellence in nurturing lifelong learners with entrepreneur characters based on Christian Values”


  • To encourage students to apply ethical, moral, and family values in spirit of international awareness to be a responsible global citizen based on Christian values.
  • To build a community nurturing the development of lifelong learners with entrepreneur characters.



  • Faith in God
  • Collaborative
  • Excellent
  • Respect
  • Innovative
  • Integrity