About Sunnyville

As part of the Universe, we believe that everything we do will impact our environment and surroundings (plant, animals and human). Nowadays, human believes and behaves as if he is a ruler of the world, tend to be greedy and do not care about other people. Sunnyville comes as a place for children to learn how to be a part of the Universe and not to dominate it. We prepare the children to respect the Universe through action, thought and compassion where we build holistic mind, healthy body and happy heart.

We create natural concept surroundings in our rooms that reflect harmony and effect the children’s creativity, consciousness, imagination and self-awareness. We also develop their physical and motor skills through various activities in the surroundings. And we teach them to feel that they have a greater purpose in the universe.

Sunnyville believes that every child is unique and needs to be respected as they are. Sunnyville aims to educate and bring the good values of each individual. With the help of our dear parents and society, together, hold hands and work with each other hand in hand to bring a good impact to the neighbourhood and the Universe through action, compassion, and thinking because everything that we do will give impact to our environment, plant, animals and further the Universe.

Vision, Mission & Value


“Excellence in nurturing lifelong learners with entrepreneur characters based on Christian Values”



Children’s Healthy Body

We build body, through developing physical activities in fun ways that for individual child’s age and stage. We also develop art skill through exploration and enrichment, create a clean hygiene environment for the children activities.


Children’s Holistic Mind

We build mind, through expanding their knowledge that can nurture their intellectual, creative thinking, problem solving, curious investigation, decision making, emotional intelligences so they can become an independent lifelong learner.


Children’s Happiness – Heart

We build heart through reflection, social interaction in safe and engaging environment that can blossom intimacy with God, conscience and community.



We Build Balance Body, Mind & Heart