The existence of daycare is the best solution for parents who have solid activities and want the best things for the baby. However, in choosing preschool or daycare in Jakarta, it should not be done haphazardly.

There are some tips that you need to consider in order to get excellent service. What are these tips? Here are some of them that need attention.

Note the location

The first thing to consider when choosing preschool and daycare is location. You can choose a location close to home or near your office. This will make it easier for you when picking up your baby after work. You can easily control your baby at any time.

After that, pay attention to the facilities provided by the preschool and daycare chosen. For example the existence of a refrigerator to store children’s food. Then pay attention to other facilities such as a kid-friendly room, a playground and whether to get food during the day and so on.

Preschool and daycare credibility

After knowing the exact location, now is also the time for you to check the credibility of preschool and daycare that will be chosen. Make sure the agency has an official operational permit from the government and other related institutions.

Good Central Jakarta preschool and daycare are also equipped with experts. Not only caregivers but also other personnel such as pediatricians, child psychologists and child nutrition experts.

Why is this important? Because when there is a problem between you and management who don’t have permission, it will certainly be difficult for you to process it.

Regarding the permission for preschool and daycare in Indonesia has actually been contained in Law No. 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System. With this permission will make parents calm.

The babysitter ratio is also important

Then, the next tips for choosing a Central Jakarta daycare You can consider the existing child care ratio. Ideally, one caregiver can look after and care for two children under the age of one year.

While for children over the age of four, one caregiver can look after and care for five children.

With the right composition as explained above, the parenting will be more optimal. In addition, children’s needs are met.

This also includes managing the emotional level of children and they also get enough affection.



The curriculum is applicable and in accordance with the child

Many people assume that daycare and preschool do not have an integrated system. Even though this is not true. In fact, many Central Jakarta daycare and preschools have an integrated curriculum system. This is the next consideration for you to get the best.

Some of the curricula applied include national, montessori and other curricula. Whatever the shape of the curriculum, the most important thing is to adjust to the child’s growth and development and match the family values.

Try also not to burden children with activities that are too dense so that they are always awake to their health condition and psychological side.

Costs and openness of management with parents

Finally, the thing to consider when choosing preschool and daycare in Central Jakarta is about costs. Sometimes there are daycare institutions with playgroups and the cost is included with daycare. However, there are also daycare with different and separate technicalities.

Thus, if you want to attend your morning class as a parent you have to pay an additional monthly fee. Then, there are also overtime fees every 15 minutes to one hour. Therefore you must calculate correctly about these costs.

In addition to costs, openness between Jakarta preschool management and parents is important. This is because, when something goes wrong you can ask the daycare not to cover it.

In addition they also need to respond to parents’ criticisms and complaints properly. Likewise you also must be willing to accept suggestions and input and comply with these daycare and preschool regulations.

Those are some tips that you can at least use as guidelines before choosing preschool and daycare in Central Jakarta. May be useful!

Reference: Tips for Choosing Daycare


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