Which parent does not want his child to grow up to be an intelligent and skilled individual. But, is the term smart only for children who always get ranked in their schools? Or is there another explanation? Intelligence according to Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D, an expert in the field of multiple intelligences is intelligence that is not only seen in terms of academics, but also in the skills and talents of children. Thomas Armstrong admitted, every child is actually smart, it’s just that the type and concentration of intelligence is different.

“We can recognize children’s intelligence and determine the best way to stimulate intelligence by observing their behavior,” Armstrong said.

  1. Word Smart

Children with this type of intelligence can be seen from their hobbies who like to read, write, talk and also listen to stories. Parents can invite your child to read story books together, have conversations or play blocks that are written with words.

  1. Smart Number

Children are more interested in numbers, mathematics, science and also things related to logic, for example asking “why is the sky blue?”. Parents can invite him/her to play numbers, inviting him/her to play games that require him to count, like a monopoly.

  1. Nature Smart

This type of intelligence can be seen from your child’s love of nature, likes animals, cares about the natural environment, even he/she can classify plants and collect leaves. Parents can invite him/her to create a small garden behind the house and let him/her create whatever he/she wants to plant.

  1. Self Smart

He/she tends to like playing alone, even he already knows when he/she grows up what he/she wants to be. Not only that, he/she also has a strong sense of confidence and can also communicate his/her feelings. Parents can invite him/her to speak carefully, when he/she tells what he/she wants to be, support and direct so that he/she can achieve what he/she aspires.

  1. Smart People

Children who have this type of intelligence can be seen when he/she likes to play with his/her friends, has empathy, likes to lead and can even understand the feelings of others. Playing together outside the home, inviting him/her to come to family events is one way to develop his/her intelligence.

  1. Smart Body

Can be seen from the little one who can create something from his/her hands, likes to dance, exercise, and touch objects and learn them. So that the development of children’s intelligence runs optimally, parents can take him to do sports together or invite him/her to watch a movie.


  1. Smart Picture

Children who have this type of intelligence usually like to draw, like art, like to imagine and also play using blocks to build things.

  1. Smart Music

It’s clear your child likes to sing, play musical instruments, remember songs and various things related to music. We as parents can take him/her to a music concert, sing together like doing karaoke. In addition, it can also involve your child in musical activities, such as piano lessons or vocal training.

Armstrong also stressed that each child could have more than one type of intelligence, from the eight intelligences mentioned above. So as parents, we must try to stimulate all eight of these intelligences to your child and observe them. Where is the most prominent intelligence of the child. After that, direct it to the right path. Good luck.


Source: intisari-online.com

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