Tantrums are a normal situation for children. This condition is usually experienced by children aged 1-3 years. As we know, social and emotional abilities are highly developed in this phase. In addition, the difficulty of children expressing their feelings can also be another reason children become tantrums. The tantrum phase will make a child cry, sulk, get angry and often he will even roll on the floor because his desires are not fulfilled.

When this happens in a public place, what needs to be done?

Keep calm

Seeing children screaming nonstop in shopping centers often makes people panic. Parents will feel confused about what to do. Be aware that scolding and yelling back at the child will only make the child more frustrated.

For that, stay calm and act as usual. If he does it in the cinema or public space, take the child outside. Offer children to sit and calm down, and do not hesitate to hug your child.

If the child can calm down in a short time, do not forget to give a small gift. The goal is that the child will not forget to ask for something without tantrum at a later time.

Understand children’s feelings

“Sometimes, this (tantrum) is needed by children to express their feelings. So, let him (crying), “said Linda Pearson, practitioner and author of The Discipline Miracle.

Linda said, tantrums more or less helped children to learn to express feelings while controlling themselves. However, make sure tantrums do not harm your child.

Suppose we are at home

As much as possible, we can pretend we are at home with your little one. Make a scenario like a baby crying without stopping only with us, no one else around.

Do not let the situation around us, so that we actually pay more attention to the environment than the child. This will make us end up with stress. Even children don’t act the way we want them to.

Try to take a breath for a moment and a few moments to let the child cry is the best step.

Stay consistent

If parents always succeed in overcoming a child’s tantrum at home, rest assured we can also handle this outside the home.

Stay calm, take a deep breath and don’t be tempted occasionally to yell at the child to tell him to be quiet. Prioritize the strength within yourself to focus and not listen to the screams of children.

“Tantrums will become a problem when parents then obey what the child wants at that time. In the future, this method is a weapon for children to get what they want, “said Diane Ryals, family life education expert from the University of Illinois.

Ignore the reaction of people around

Most parents will certainly feel ashamed when the child screams, not a few parents are provoked to be angry and quickly give what the child wants in the hope that the problem will be solved.

If the child cries too loudly and disturbs the people around him, pick him up and take him to a place far from the crowd. Sit and be quiet for a few minutes, let the child stand for a moment until he stops screaming.

Next look at the child’s behavior, whether he is still fussy and allows us to continue the day’s journey. If the child is older, we can talk about his tantrum behavior at home in calm conditions.




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