This is the day when we are building a collaborative relationship with parents to ensure that both of us understand each other’s perspectives. We believe that parents play a very important role in every child’s life. So, this is how to get parents positively involved in their children’s education. The parents were briefed on the curriculum and other matters related to Secondary. Parents were oriented on the IB curriculum, UN for grade 12, reminded on policies and procedures and informed of the new discipline guidelines. They also had an activity session with the IB teachers to know more about how the curriculum is delivered to the students. Scholarships for best performing students and orientation on the CCA groups this year were also given.

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  • An ultimate way of education is not merely depending on the school. Rather, it has to be the involvement of parents as well. In my opinion, this kind of activity should be conducted and developed furthermore.

    Yunus Dwi Wibowo Reply

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