Busyness and daily routines that are very time and energy consuming, sometimes make stress and enthusiasm decrease. Circumstances like this if left unchecked can result in work and activities hampered because the mood is no longer well formed. Traveling is one way to restore the mood lost due to daily busyness.

Similarly, what is done by Maria Dewi Indrawati, or often called Dewi, one of the students’ parents of Stella Maris School Cikupa. In the midst of her busy life as a general practitioner at a hospital in Cikupa, she and her husband always took the time to go on vacation with his little family. The importance of maintaining a balance in life between work, family and having fun for Goddess is the key to a happy life. “Traveling is already part of lifestyle and needs so if I look around now,” he said. Especially for small families at this time, children also need a refreshment or as a form of appreciation for the achievements they have achieved during school no matter what.

Inviting children to go on vacation does not have to go to places that are far or luxurious at all times. Can be adjusted with the existing budget or funds. “My family and I don’t always have to go abroad. Sometimes it’s just in the city if it’s not the right time, “said the woman born in Jakarta, May 10. This woman, who does have a hobby of traveling while still single, claims to be different when traveling alone and bringing family, especially with a small child. “As for ourselves, what we need to think about is ourselves, accommodation is easier. But if you bring the children, it’s not only about packing, but transportation to the place to eat. But because my child is now big enough, it’s easier. Because if traveling with a baby or toddler is more extreme in all preparations. You have to bring your own cooking utensils, food ingredients yourself because surely you can’t be careless, “he said. “I am calmer now because Aruna (my child) is already big so understanding can be given. Especially since attending school at Stella Maris School he is more disciplined and independent. It was very influential and helped me as a parent, “he added.

Traveling with family with young children certainly requires some preparation, here are tips on traveling by Mrs. Dewi:

  1. Planning. In preparing a trip, careful preparation is needed starting from determining the date, length of trip, tickets including hotel, tourist attractions to be visited, to transportation that will be used.
  2. Budgeting. Determine the budget that will be issued for airplane tickets, details of accommodation needed during the trip to the budget for unexpected things. Especially the most important thing is travel insurance to prevent unwanted things from happening during a vacation.
  3. Packing. Some things that need to be considered in packing items that will be taken during the trip are clothes that are tailored to the season of the country or city to be visited, medicines needed and tailored to the needs of children (especially for children who have certain allergies), umbrellas or raincoat (because we will never know about the weather changes that occur).
  4. Understanding. Provide understanding for children during the holidays, provide a little interesting knowledge about the country and city to be visited so that it adds enthusiasm and interest in children, as well as how children must also maintain their attitude and courtesy while traveling.
  5. Responsibility. For husband and wife it is very important to realize the importance of dividing the duties of responsibility during a vacation, especially for overseas travel. So that the holidays feel more fun and avoid complaints.

“The main thing for me is for parents not to be afraid to travel, because by traveling we can also indirectly educate children to be more disciplined and independent. It also can add new insights for children such as teaching the history and culture of the area, teaching the diversity of world culture that deserves to be respected and valued. Traveling is also a form of education, “said Dewi, closing the conversation.


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