For parents, it is indeed a moment where we feel our children become stubborn and difficult to manage will always be there. And in general, because of this, parents become upset and unconsciously shout at us to obey our children and not be stubborn. In fact, referring to the various opinions of child development experts, yelling at the child actually falls into the category of verbal abuse that is the most common and also most often ignored in children. Oftentimes, parents who shout at their children claim to shout as a form of “discipline” or “strong love”.

But what all parents need to understand is that frequent snapping in the long run can have a negative impact, which can “destroy” our children, both physically and psychologically.

The following are some of the impacts that can arise so that parents can immediately evaluate themselves;

  1. Health problems

Children who experience verbal abuse (most often snapped) can result in depression. This depression will cause our children to satisfy their pleasure by tending to enjoy overeating or to stop eating altogether. This can affect the growth and development of bones, muscles and even vital organs can be disrupted. Thus, our children can become weaker over time.

  1. Low confidence

The quality of self-confidence and confidence is essential for a successful professional life and a satisfying personal life. Especially when the child will grow up. This lack of confidence can cause frustration and depression.

  1. Low life expectancy

Children who experience verbal abuse constantly are likely to fail to develop a positive outlook. And when this happens it will cause problems in the next stage of life.

  1. Become addicted

The drive to reach a goal often takes a person away from alcohol or drugs.

If a child becomes depressed, he will look for addictive substances to keep away from reality.

  1. Tend to be antisocial

The worst side effect is that children who experience verbal abuse often grow into unstable adults. Even when they later become parents. Several studies have established a relationship between verbal abuse and a person’s criminal record.

Source: nakita.id

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