LCD Projector-Classroom

Naturally well-lit classrooms with projectors, lightweight desks and chairs allowing for unlimited seating arrangements as required by different subjects and class activities. Each classroom has variety centers for learning, computer area and supporting materials.

Library & Media Center

A growing collection of books and other media that serves educational, informational and recreation needs to build students’ habit of reading. It equipped with computers, projectors and a lounge area to support student learning. Besides, the library also provides Wi-Fi Hot Spot for students to explore information and material of lecture.

Science Laboratories

The lab is well equipped with LCD, lab equipments and materials to do the analysis, observation, and practice like enzymes, etc. This facility provides controlled conditions to do scientific research and experiments in physic, chemistry and biology.

ICT Room

Integrated room with IT related-equipment, and internet provided also software for the curricular to generate skills in communication and technology.

Montessori Center

A center that filled by different kind of Montessori apparatus and set by Montessori ground rules and centers. The students will experience learning in different areas of skills development, there are Language, Math, Sensorial, Social Study and Practical Life.

Getsemani Auditorium

Audio Visual Room

A mini-theatre with mounted seats accommodating for student performances and assemblies.

Language Lab

Gym Room

The students can develop their gross motor and social-emotional skills through exercise with Gym equipments while also can practice dancing and ballet through another mirrored wall-room. The others well ventilated room area is provided for all indoor sports activities such as badminsss4ton, futsal, floor ball and taekwondo.

Water Play Area

The students can explore team games and discover fun water play. There are different types of colorful fountains that set in outdoor field for facilitating students’ social and physical skills development.

Swimming Pool

A place to help students build their swimming skills and getting familiar with water activity.

Music Room

A soundproof designed room for students to learn and practice musical instruments and percussions. To build sensitivity of music, enrich knowledge about music, learn history of artists and also develop talent. The Music lesson is also supporting the integrated studies in learning.

Dental & Doctor Clinic

To check and record student’s health and teeth condition which will be compiled in student’s Evaluation Report book every semester.

Psychology Room

Play Room

An indoor area for students to have recess and playing together with their friends and teachers.

Art Room

A showcase of artworks and space for students to rap into their artistic and creative sides.

Multifunctional Room

A room with space area for gathering and indoor activities.

Basketball Court

An outdoor court to play basketball

Play Ground

The students can play together with interesting outdoor playing equipments.

Food Court & Canteen

A spacious dining area equipped with a variety food vendors providing various tastes.

Parking Lot