To support all the activities both academic and non-academic (management), SMIE provide auditorium as facility named Getsemani Auditorium. This facility can be used for students’ activities, Teacher & Employee and to be rented for the various needs of event from external parties such as:

–       Wedding

–       Graduation

–       Workshop/Seminar

–       Conference

–       Birthday Party

–       Performing Arts

–       Any other company occasions


We also provide facility for external parties in use of building in both Vatican Campus and Bukit Sion Campus for various corporate needs such as:

–       Advertising

–       Film

–       Sitcom


To support the needs of the parents for the continuity of their children education in Stella Maris, especially Stella Maris International School who comes from different religions, thus we give our best services by providing facilities such as dormitories. Stella Maris’ Dormitory is a facility provided by the school for the convenience of student’s learning from within and outside region. The dormitory is located inside the school environment so it will make students as boarders easier to do the school activities. In order to provide a sense of comfort and serenity in the dormitory, there will be supervised by a matron who will be able to handle all the needs of students. Facilities provided in Dormitory such as:

–       AC

–       Single Bed

–       Cupboard

–       Study desk

–       Laundry

–       Catering (optional)