Stella Maris is responsible for providing the program to carry out learning activities and control the quality of educational competencies. Our National and International Programs are designed to set learning goals to help student improve learning and innovation.


Stella Maris is here to help you at every step of the application and acceptance process. Any information is available to assist you review academic admission requirements. The registration form can be downloaded, then fill in all information needed with pleasure.


Stella Maris Learning Center is a program designed to explore and develop children’s potential of both academic and non-academic. Programs offered include course programs, summer programs, parenting programs aimed to meet a student’s individual needs.

Why Stella Maris

Stella Maris has more than 22 years of experienced in the world of education and will remain to commit to prepare the nation’s generation completely through the Platinum Generation Program. Stella Maris appreciates and guides each child’s talent both in the academic and non-academic to become unique and superior people.

National Program

The Stella Maris National Program develops the national curriculum and is enriched through the internal program so students have the balance between cognitive, affective and psychomotor ability. In the learning process we also apply the bilingual learning in order to make the students be able to advance their English ability and have the provision for the future levels of education.

International Program

Stella Maris International Program develops the Creative Curriculum in the early childhood so children may feel that learning is joyful (joyful learning) and continues with the Cambridge curriculum that emphasizes on the academic ability as a strong foundation which is then refined with the IB Diploma Programme that emphasizes on critical thinking and problem solving through the project based learning.


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