Born 1982 through 2000, The Millennials are the most diverse generation we have had to teach, thus our approaches to teaching must be varied.

Traditional approaches may not address the learning preferences of the Millennial student necessarily. Traditional ways of teaching have caused Millennial students to face limited options in completing their studies. This requires us to transform our educational perspectives.

Therefore, STEMA College, as a new and commited education provider in Tangerang, attempts to embrace the uniqueness of our Millennial students by offering a learning setting that facilitates them to decide their learning experiences in a practical and innovative way in accordance with God’s calling and purpose

Having seen the possibilities that STEMA COLLEGE caters to our Millennial Students, we believe that we can provide qualified education that equips them with both competence and strong work ethics in the workplace.

STEMA COLLEGE strives to take students to next level, reaching their dreams by letting them experience an international environment through our curriculum lecturers and facilities.


This program is specially designed for you as a preparation before continuing your education to university. You will take part in an 8-month study program at Stema College, at the Vatican Cluster Sector 8A campus, Gading Serpong.

Learning Module

Program pre-university ini mencakup 3 modul pembelajaran, yaitu:

-EAP (English for Academic Purposes)
-Critical Thinking


” Empowers future generations , maximising their potential and transforming the world with impact.”


  • Maintaining a worldwide partnership with reputable international institution
  • Creating a conductive learning environment with cutting-edge technology
  • Implementing positive character